About Streeterville

Sandbars to Skyscrapers, Bowling to Broadway, Streeterville has it all. To think that Streeterville would become such a rich and vibrant neighborhood back in the early days of Chicago would be an improbable dream as the land that it sits on did not exist then.

When the Wisconsin glacier carved Lake Michigan 14,000 years ago, the shoreline of the lake followed what is now North Michigan Avenue. There was a sandy hook at the the mouth of the Chicagoua river where the first non-native settler, Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable and his Potawatomi wife, Kitihawa, built their farm and fur trading post in 1770. In 1886 a rogue steam boat Captain, George Wellington Streeter began a process of landfill that eventually created the 186 acres that now bear his name.

Today, 33,000 residents call Streeterville home, living in high-rise luxury residences among a diverse collection of businesses including the world famous Magnificent Mile shopping district. Two prestigious universities have branches in the community, three of the most respected medical institutions, three stage theaters, and Navy Pier, the most visited tourist attraction in the region, collectively welcome 70,000 visitors daily.

One could not ask for a better neighborhood to call home and do business. Blessed with great architecture, incredible restaurants, outdoor amenities, public art and endless energy, it's easy to see why Streeterville is one of the most vibrant and desirable communities in the City.

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