SNA Programs

Neighborhood Walk
Streeterville Walks is a network of residents and sponsors committed to improving the quality of life in our neighborhood by maintaining a visible physical presence in the community. We understand that we are responsible for the safety and vitality or our neighborhood and through our walks, we will address issues and identify opportunities to improve the quality of life for residents and guests.

Public Art
Promote awareness, appreciation and investment in Public Art in Streeterville.

Crime Prevention
Purpose or Reason for Crime Reduction Program:
To ensure that there is a comprehensive review of issues concerning Safety and Security in Streeterville and that there is a strategic and sustainable plan to reduce crime.

Traffic Safety
Create a culture of pedestrian safety and respect for residents and visitors of Streeterville through education, infrastructure and enforcement. We envision Streeterville as a community that is recognized as the safest and most pedestrian friendly neighborhood in Chicago.

Building Advocates
Anyone the lives or works in Streeterville should register as a "Building Advocate".   Here are the reasons why.: Engage individual Advocates that have a vested interest in the security and quality of life in their own building, their vertical community. Building Advocates, network with Advocates in neighboring buildings and thus form a community of individuals. Together, we leverage the power of our collective voice to advocate for greater Safety and a higher Quality of Life.

Community Ambassadors
To enhance community safety by promoting conversation and relationship-building between Chicago police officers and residents, managers and businesses in Streeterville.

Coffee With The Cops