Why Streeterville Residents, Property Managers & Streeterville Businesses Should Register to be Building Advocates
  • Help improve the security and quality of life in their Building & the Streeterville community.
  • To register, you must be a resident or work in Streeterville.
  • Streeterville residents can post anonymous alerts advising others of suspicious activities and related crime.
  • All posts are anonymous - Your IP address will not be logged or transmitted during submission. 
  • All posts are subject to Administrative review.  
  • Only significant and time sensitive alerts will be emailed, however, Building Advocates can login and view all alerts.
  • Registrant's information will remain confidential and not shared with any third party.
  • Registrants can opt out of receiving any alerts.
  • Registrants can cancel their registration at any time.
  • Posts are only accessible to registered Streeterville Building Advocates.
  • Registration is FREE

Reasons Why People Don't Report Suspicious Activity and Related Crimes
  • They are not sure who they should report the incident.
  • They are not sure the information is of any significant.
  • They don't want to be witnesses or get involved.
  • They are apprehensive about reporting anything to the police.
  • They are fearful about becoming a target of retaliation
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