Traffic Safety

SNA’s Pedestrian Safety Task Force Proposal

Create a culture of pedestrian safety and respect for residents and visitors of Streeterville through education, infrastructure and enforcement.

We envision Streeterville as a community that is recognized as the safest and most pedestrian friendly neighborhood in Chicago.


  • The safety of pedestrians is a building block to a safe and vibrant Streeterville.
  • A community culture of walking will enhance our overall sense of community ownership.
  • Creating a safer more enjoyable pedestrian experience will enhance economic health.
  • Encouraging people to walk can improve our collective health and quality of life.


  • Chicago averages 34 pedestrian fatalities per year.
  • Chicago has a pedestrian plan with goals supporting Vision Zero and a Safe Streets Program and this should serve as our model.
  • City Departments have finite resources and must prioritize allocation of funds.

Resources in support of any Pedestrian Safety initiatives.

  • The City prioritizes the use of resources on the locations of highest accident rate to achieve the greatest return on investment.
  • Residents must take initiative to develop and finance initiatives that impact safety in their neighborhoods if they are not in a high priority location.
  • Streeterville Residents who have participated in an ongoing safety survey, believe that our neighborhood is generally safe but we want to see significant improvements.
  • Survey responses rank red light running, being cut off in an intersection and speeding as equally significant safety concerns.


  • Meet with Stakeholders to discuss the situation in Streeterville and develop an effective and sustainable Pedestrian Safety Plan.
  • Validate current pedestrian safety statistics for the purpose of educating residents and ultimately serve as a foundation for measuring future improvements.
  • Identify and prioritize existing programs involving Education, Infrastructure Improvements and Enforcement that can be efficiently implemented.
  • Brainstorm innovative programs that can eclipse current programs.
  • Identify tasks that Streeterville Residents and Stakeholders can do to advocate for programs in Education, Infrastructure Improvement and Enforcement.
  • Discuss what statistics are needed to support programs in Education, Infrastructure Improvement and Enforcement.
  • Identify goals that may be specific to Streeterville, within and beyond The Chicago Pedestrian Plan.
  • Clarify roles and procedures.
  • Engage residents, business and institutional partners to contribute intellect, energy, time and finances to drive the plan.
  • Meet regularly to manage progress and assure sustainability.


  • Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time bound goals will be developed by the Task Force that are intended to fulfill its mission and vision.
  • We want to learn how to partner with city departments and other community groups.
  • We really do want to serve as a leadership model for other communities. We are inspired by stories of community groups around the country that do great things to improve the quality of life in their community. We want to be one of those who inspire others.

Action Steps:

  • Specific steps will be defined to achieve program goals.
  • Responsibilities will be accepted.
  • Timelines will be developed.
  • Regular progress updates will be used to drive the program forward.
  • Knowledge gained will be shared to assure continuous improvement and sustainability.

Proposed Task Force Membership:
Residents, businesses, institutions, public officials, CDOT, Metropolitan Planning Council, Streets and Sanitation, CTA, DCASE, Chicago Police Department, Mag Mile Association, Streeterville Chamber of Commerce, Active Transportation Alliance, AARP, SOAR, Skyline Village, others?

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