Streeterville Public Arts Project

Urbs In Horto by Nancy Pochis Bank

During 2016, members of The Streeterville Neighborhood Walk, a community-building program, visited the Hyde Park Art Festival and later toured the Wabash Mural Project. Returning to our Streeterville Walk, we were amazed to discover Public Art hidden right in front of us. We developed a plan to document our treasure, create a Public Art Walk and promote investment in Public Art in Streeterville.


Our Streeterville Public Art Mission:
Promote awareness, appreciation and investment in Public Art in Streeterville.

Our Vision:

Streeterville becomes recognized for its collection of Public Art

Our Goals:

  • Create an inventory of existing Public Art (exterior and interior.
  • Catalog all Public Art with information of artists, dates, owners, locations etc.¬†in
    collaboration with Public Art Chicago.
  • Develop a walking tour for Streeterville in collaboration with the
    Chicago Architecture Foundation.
  • Collaborate with Public Art Chicago, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Museum of
    Contemporary Art, Arts Club Chicago, DCASE, Chicago Park District, Streeterville
    Chamber of Commerce, Columbia College, River North Residents Association,
    Magnificent Mile Association, Northwestern Medicine, Hyde Park Art Center and local benefactors.
  • Develop an education program to increase community awareness and appreciation.
  • Research creative ideas from other communities.
  • Develop a model that can be replicated in other neighborhoods.
  • Invest in more Public Art:
    1. Sculpture
    2. Murals
    3. Seating – Functional Art
    4. Swings
    5. Bike Racks
    6. Lighting (underpasses)
    7. Lighted Sidewalks (photo-voltaic possibly)
    8. Fountains
    9. Overhead Doors
    10. Empty Storefront Windows
    11. Garden Art
    12. Traffic Control Boxes
    13. Artistic Blue Safety Lights
    14. Performing ArtsJoin us at