Streeterville Neighborhood Advocates: Our Story

We understand that government and safety forces cannot do everything we need to assure the security and a high quality of urban living that we desire in Streeterville and we accept responsibility for our personal safety and that of our neighbors. We believe that our collective community voice, in partnership with city agencies and elected officials, can have a positive impact when advocating for the quality of life expected in a vibrant and engaged community.

We do not accept that a decrease in safety and quality of environment are the cost of urban living. We believe that a grassroots effort, starting with individuals taking leadership in their residential buildings is the first step. We believe that when residents are engaged, they can empower their Boards and Managements to become partners in a neighborhood-wide safety advocacy network.

We are residents and managers who advocate to enhance the safety and quality of life for residents and visitors in our shared urban environment.

We envision Streeterville as a community where residents and visitors feel safe in a neighborhood which is publicly recognized as the safest and most vibrant in Chicago.

We Value:
Individual integrity and commitment in service to community.

Our Strategy:
Engage individuals that have a vested interest in the security and quality of life in their own building, network with neighboring buildings and then form a community of individuals who leverage the power of their collective voice to advocate together for Safety and Quality of Life.

Strategic Programs:

  1. Building Community
    1. Neighborhood Walk
    2. Building Advocacy Network
    3. Socialization
    4. Communication
  2. Enhancing Safety
    1. Crime Reduction
    2. Traffic Safety
    3. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Associates
    4. Fire and Water Safety
  3. Improving Infrastructure
    1. “Keep it Clean Team”
    2. Advancing Public Art
    3. Infrastructure Enhancement
    4. Parks

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